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Get High Quality Water Filtration Systems & More

Your local water district ensures that the water that comes out of your tap meets government standards for water safety. However, there’s a good chance that your tap water tastes terrible and contains minerals (i.e. is “hard water”) that leave spots on your faucets and can negatively affect your plumbing.

To help you make the most of your tap water, Infinity Plumbing Designs, Inc. is proud to offer a quality line of products and services that can help you save time and money, and keep your family happy and healthy. Installation is provided by appointment, so please contact us today for pricing, scheduling and more information.

Get a reverse osmosis water filtration system

It is recommended that adults drink 9 to 13 cups of beverages daily, with the majority of this being water. If you, like most Southern Californians, do not like the taste of your tap water, you may be spending thousands of dollars on water bottles that just end up in landfills. To make matters worse, those plastic bottles may contain BPA, a chemical which is known to cause serious diseases and disorders.

Luckily, there is a better solution. You can install a reverse osmosis water filtration system. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint, and be able to enjoy great-tasting water for just pennies each day.

Infinity Plumbing Designs, Inc. can professionally install a high-quality, American-made reverse osmosis system that will match your kitchen’s decor and provide safe water for both your kitchen faucet and your refrigerator’s ice maker. Contact us today to learn more.

Enjoy instant hot water

Tired of wasting time and literally watching water (and money) go down the drain while you wait for your water to heat up? Now you can have hot water instantly, with the Instahot under-counter system. This compact unit comes complete with a stylish faucet in your choice of four different finishes. Save time on everything from making a cup of tea to preparing pasta with the Quick and Hot system.

Protect Your Family and Home from Potentially Harmful Minerals

Southern California’s hard water is what causes those spots on your shower doors, faucets and dishes. Hard water minerals also reduce the efficiency of your water heater by damaging the burner (i.e. the “heat exchanger”). This is why your water heater’s manufacturer warranty says that you MUST maintain a service schedule that includes cleaning the heater water filter and flushing the heat exchanger.

Another option is to install a scale shield, a low cost, hard water scale protection system that lays down a thin protective coating on the heat exchanger. The scale shield also provides additional protection from rust, sediment or debris that could affect the operation of your water heater and the quality of your water.